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Dr. Joel Noland, ND LAc

Effective April 1st, 2019

Super Health Food

Initial Consult

30 - 60 min Appointment

Lower Complexity = 30 min

Higher Complexity = 60 min


You can expect a thorough intake and initial analysis with customized Diagnostics Testing ordered and initial steps in your healing journey to be made clear to you in writing. 

$150 - $300

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Returning Patient

15 min - 60  min Appointment

A returning patient is a person that has seen Dr. Noland for the initial consult but has not returned for a Followup appointment in 18+ months.

- You can expect an updated Wellness Plan

$75 - $300

Herbal medicine in capsules from moringa


15 min - 30 min Appointment 

Low Complexity = 15 min

    * Single Lab Review

    * Tx Plan Progress Review

Acute Visit = 15 min

    * New Acute Symptom/Illness

Moderate Complexity = 30 min

    * Multiple Lab Review

    * High Complexity Plan Review

$75 - $150

vintage with sunset iv fluid use for int

IV Therapies

30 min - 2 hrs+

Available to established patients.

Maybe prescribed following a consultation.

IVs include: 

  • Hyperberic Major Autohemotherapy
          AKA - 10 Pass

  • Biological Allograft 

  • Neurological Repair  IVs

  • Nutrient IVs. 

Details about IV therapy is communicated by the doctor not administrative staff.


$120 - $500

Medical hand glove blue molding vial vac

Restorative Injections

Joint Injections / IM 

Available to established patients.

May be prescribed following a consultation. 

Joint & Soft Tissue Restoration Injections:

  1. Ozone Injection:                 $125 - $245

  2. PRP:                                      $500 - $1,200

   3. Neuro-O3 Scar therapy     $175

   4. Intramuscular Vitamins    $45 - $120

Details about injection therapy is communicated by the doctor not administrative staff.


$45 - $1,200

Closeup grey hair and loss in old woman


PRP & Ozone

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is an effective treatment for hair thinning in Both Woman and men of any age. 

       Study Comparing PRP vs Minoxidil

                          !!!PRP WON!!!

Recommended Course of Treatment:

  • 1 PRP Treatment Per Month

  • 6 Months of Treatment Recommended

  • $500 Per PRP Treatment



Blood Test

Blood Draw

Specialty Laboratory Kits

Blood draws are done in the office, processed and sent out for you.

We do not offer blood draws for Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp.




Lab Order

i.e. Lab Requisition 

Lab Order in Appointment                      $0

Lab Order w/o Appointment                  $35


$0 - 35

Medical form with stethoscope


Medical Forms

Paperwork request done in App.        $0

Paperwork request w/o App.              $10/page

Letter requests                                      $45 


$10 - 45

  1. Click link "Patient Portal Login" at the top of this page.

  2. Select register as a new patient.

  3. Complete registration form

  4. Under Questionnaires Tab

    • Complete Consent Forms and Medical History Questionnaires 

  5. We will contact you by the next business day

How to become a Patient

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